Art Roho is a musical project led by Jakob Roland on bass and Henrik Holst on drums. They invites a rotating cast of talented artists to collaborate on their projects, resulting in a diverse range of musical styles and sounds. Art Roho’s concept, rooted in the Danish tradition of house rhythm sections working with traveling artists, stands out for its active and outreach-focused approach, redefining the boundaries of creative collaboration.

With their musical flexibility and an eagerness to explore new sonic landscapes, Art Roho consistently delivers fresh and exhilarating music. Whether you’re a fan of traditional jazz or in search of something more experimental, Art Roho’s unique sound is guaranteed to captivate you.

Art Roho has released two albums, one scheduled for March 2024 and two more in the pipeline. 

New Single

New Single out Dec 29th

Our new single with Mads Søndergaard on piano was released just before new year on Dec 29th. We’re excited about it and hope you will

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