Art Roho with Lucy Luan & Fynn Cai

Art Roho feat. Lucy Luan & Fynn Cai is a project born in autumn ‘23. Art Roho met Lucy during their stay in China. They had a common curiosity for exploring how their different musical traditions could mutually enrich each other. 

They had one performance together so extraordinary, that they all knew that this unique sound and common musical esthetics, was something special and had to be explored furthermore.

Lucy, having previously worked with Fynn, suggested him to be part of the project. With his capacity to lead the melody they could broaden their musical span even more and now, the ensemble boasted an equal partnership of Danish and Chinese musicians.

They decided on a repertoire spanning over traditional Chinese music, jazz standards, compositions crafted specifically for this ensemble and the sound of contemporary pop artists such as Billie Eilish.


Lucy Luan

Lucy is one of the most sought after Guzheng players on the international scene. Her musical esthetics, her precise musical communication and open-mindedness has brought her to perform with artists from all over the world ranging as far as Iceland, France, Chile, Great Britain and Denmark. 

She has not gone unnoticed in China either, having performed at such prestigious venues as the forbidden city and at the Montreux jazz festival. She had tv appearances on national Chinese tv stations and radio such as CCTV and CGTN.

Fynn Cai

Erhu & Zhongruan performer Fynn Cai is no stranger to international stages and fusion of genres either. In 2020, he produced a personal erhu album entitled “Deep Fusion,” released by Xingwai Xingyin Music. In June 2020, founded the ethnic fusion band “Deep Fusion Project” and debuted at the Lincoln Jazz Shanghai Center. Also, performed at the 2021 Kongsberg Jazz Festival closing ceremony.

He has collaborated with Dana Leong, a two-time Grammy Award-winning cellist and participated in the 15th Shanghai Jazz Music Festival with the Chekov band.

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